What material are the bags made of?

The bag body and the tarpaulin lid are made of a coated fabric or Cordura. The fabric is responsible for the stability, the coating makes it colorful and waterproof. Some lids are covered with robust industrial materials, some with fine fabrics, sequin or reflector materials. Some are made of pure tarpaulin, others are digitally printed directly with photo printing, while others are screen-printed. We try to describe the materials as accurately as possible for each article.

Which flaps fit which corpus/bag models?

There are three flap sizes. All bag flaps L fit the »Schwerstarbeiterin« and the »Nomadin«
All bag flaps M will fit the «Diplomatin«, the »Athletin«, the »Tagediebin«, the »Thusnelda"« and the »Schutzbefohlene«.
All bag flaps S are suitable for the »Senatorin«, the »Komplizin« the »Forscherin«, the »Nachtschwärmerin«, the »Prinzessin« and the »Vagabundin«.
The model names are printed on the orange inside pocket of each bag body.

Do I have to treat the tarpaulin in a certain way?

No. It is plastic and needs no special care. A careful handling is beneficial for the durability. With sharp and rough objects you can damage the surface of the tarpaulin. If necessary, you can clean the tarpaulin with regular detergent. Over time, a patina develops on the tarpaulin surface, which changes according to the use (i. e. bluejeans can color light tarp), but can not be completely removed. The brighter the tarpaulin, the faster you can see a patina.

How much can the bags carry?

You can load the bag with several kilograms. The material has an extremely high strength, as well as the belt, which is a seat belt from the auto industry. The bags and flaps are sewn with a thick, tear-resistant polyester thread. So you will not be able to get them to the limit, because you're going to kneel first.
The coating of the tarpaulin breaks after years and sets free the underlying tissue. That's normal. You can still enjoy your bag with its patina for many many years.
The Velcro on the bag body is a wearing part. It tires according to the manufacturer (Velcro or YKK) after 10000 openings. We can exchange the Velcro. That costs 19 €. Select the item "Flauschausch" in the shop and follow the instructions.

I do not see a product in the shop, can I still order it?

Our webshop is connected to our merchandise management system. Short-term or no longer available products do not appear and therefore you can not order them.

What is the bonus system?

For every purchase you make, you collect points when you place an order via your user account. You don't have one yet? Quickly create one. If you have enough points - and this is quite fast - you can choose a free cover. You can see exactly how this works here.