About us

The Story

2003 the both of us, Antje und Heiko, have developed a bag that can change its look very fast – the tausche bag. tausche is a play on the German words "Tasche" (bag) and "tauschen" (to change). As landscape architects we were inspired by multifunctional objects in architecture. A bank is not only a sitting facility but can also be a halfpipe or a classroom. So the flaps of the tausche bags can be changed according to your mood or the occasion. tausche flaps can show you the way, warm your hands or be your playground. The tausche bag can swap from working bag into your sportsbag in a glance by changing the functional insets.

Antje und Heiko vor Ihrem tausche Laden in Prenzlauer Berg

The Product

High performer, acccomplice and quick-change-artist – your tausche bag is it altogether. Using the zipper you attach your favorite flap to your bag corpus. And in the same manner you detach it to put on your new favorite flap. About 600 different flaps make it not too easy to choose. We constantly develop new flaps. And: every sixth flap is free. The insets are from black and orange tarpaulin. They protect, order or strengthen. Last but not least we have a lot of accessoires that make life easy for you.


tausche-Tasche-Forscherin tausche-Tasche-Nomadin tausche-Tasche-Senatorin


tausche-Tasche-Nachtschw-rmerin tausche-Tasche-Diplomatin


The Production

All of our products are made in Germany. The very skilled sewers are crafting every product from beginning to the end. We buy all the materials like fabric, tarpaulin, buckles, zippers in Germany. We use new material to guarantee best quality.

tausche Taschen werden in Thüringen genäht.