Right of withdrawal

Right to return the goods (Rückgaberecht - applies only if Customer is a consumer): 

The Customer may return the goods received without giving any reason by sending them back within two weeks. The period for exercise of this right shall begin at the earliest from the day of receipt of the goods and of this notice by the Customer.

Only if the delivered goods cannot be returned by parcel (e.g. bulky goods) the Customer may declare the return of the goods by request for return in text form, e.g. by letter post, facsimile or email. The Customer shall have exercised his right in due time if he has sent off the goods or the request for return within the two-week period. The return of the goods shall be at the cost and risk of the seller if the goods were originally delivered to a German address. If the goods had been delivered to an address outside of Germany the return of the goods shall be at the cost and risk of the buyer. The goods or the request for return shall be sent to: tausche oHG, Raumerstr. 8, 10437 Berlin, Germany. 

The right to return shall apply accordingly, if the Customer purchases vouchers instead of goods. 

Consequences of the return: 

If the Customer has exercised the right to return, both sides shall restitute the benefits received including derived advantages (e.g. compensation for use). If the goods are deteriorated the Supplier may ask for compensation for lost value. However, the Supplier may not ask for compensation if the deterioration of the goods was solely caused through their being tested - in a way the Customer would have been able to at a store. Besides the Customer can avoid compensation for lost value by not using the goods as if he already owned them and by refraining from all acts which could impair the value of the goods.