tausche bags - made in Germany, but by whom?

Made in Germany - that is important to us at tausche. In order for you to know what diligent hands your exchange bag was, we would like to introduce you today to a seamstress from the tausche production.  

12 Questions to tausche seamstreass Bettina Petter

1. How long have you been sewing tausche bags for?

I have been with the company for seven years and have been sewing tausche bags from the beginning, so for seven years.  

2. And you still like them?

Yes, the sewing never gets boring. Because every tausche model is produced slightly differently.  

3. Have you learned the craft properly from the ground up?

Yes, I completed a two-year training as a seamstress, especially for the production of men's jerseys. With my job change I changed from men's underwear to bags. That was quite achange.  

4. Made in Germany - that means better quality?

To all cases! German traditional companies like us work much more filigree. We pay attention to high quality at every step. For example, we burn the yarns with a lighter and weld the yarn ends. So later on the seam can't push it open. Cheap foreign goods are often only cut, which results in frayed ends. In our company, every effort is made to control oneself. If something goes wrong, then it is so. Nobody is criticized for that. This is how we guarantee high quality.  

5. Can you describe to us how a tausche bag is made?

The tausche bags are made on an industrial machine. It looks like a normal sewing machine, but is much more robust. We use very thick needles that can handle the tight yarn and the stiff, thick materials. The consumer's machine couldn't compete here.

All tausche bags are made in the traditional Thuringian factory.

6. How many parts does a tausche bag consist of?

The »Tagediebin« consists of 14 parts, other models of something more or less.

7. How many work steps are there before finishing?

For a »Tagediebin« we need 21 work steps to finish. First, the straps and fleece are cut for the Velcro fastener. Then the zipper is framed. Then all the individual parts are put together on the body - then it is turned and quilted.

8. How long does it take to get a tausche bag ready?

A »Tagediebin« takes about 30-45 minutes to produce. However, this depends on the color of the bag. For colored bags we use colored thread, but the straps are used with black thread. Here we add a yarn change.  

9. Do you sew a bag completely alone, or is there a division of labor?

Although each seamstress could make a complete bag alone, we divide the work. This is simply more efficient.  

10. Does it ever happen that you make mistakes?

Yes it happens sometimes, but very rarely. Because after so many years I am very experienced. But because every stitch on the tarpaulin is a small hole, every stitch that is made too much is considered to be wrong. We take that very seriously.

11. Do you have a favorite bag?

I like to sew all tausche bags.  

12. how do you like the tausche bags?

I like the idea of interchangeable flaps very much. Privately, however, I prefer to carry bags that are not quite so angular.

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