The closing system of tausche bags

Today we want to tell you about our tests with a different closure system. Actually, we had already decided to switch to magnetic closures when we paused at the last moment. Since 2004 there are tausche and since then we close our bags with fleece and velcro. The bad part, the hooks alias velcro, are sewn onto to the flap and the soft part, the fleece, is attached to the bag base. When Velcro and fleece meet, the hard hooks bury themselves in the soft loops of the fleece and hold on there. If you want both parts to separate again, tear them apart. And here we are with the disadvantages of the Velcro-Fleece-System:

  • the tearing produces the typical noise

  • by tearing it apart, the hooks destroy a few loops of fleece

  • the hooks also like to hook into other soft, often silky soft, expensive fabrics

This means that in concert it gets annoying and after a longer time the flaps don't hold the bag as tight as at the beginning. And those who have already destroyed the silky blouse with the hooks know what to watch out for. But those are the three disadvantages. In our opinion there is nothing more. And now we ask you, which product has no disadvantages? The many advantages such as simplicity, flexibility in closing-height, weight, workability, speed in opening and closing, colour variance or environmental compatibility always disappear behind a few disadvantages.
But even these few disadvantages we wanted to avoid with the magnetic closure. We could have reduced the disandvantages a little, we would have prevented flaps from getting caught in expensive clothes and damaging them and perhaps the magnets would have lastet a little longer. But on the other hand we would have had to put up with several disadvantages.

  • Magnets are much more expensive, the cost we would have had to add to the bag price

  • The closure variability in height would have been gone lost or we would have had to attach four to six "female parts" to the bag body, which would have increased the cost even further

  • The holding force of the magnets was not high enough, if a certain system had been selected, the holding force would have been high enough, but the one-hand operation would not have worked anymore

  • The construction height of the flaps and bags had become very large

  • The weight of the bags would have increased significantly

  • Magnets are "rare earths" and come from politically difficult regions, Made in Germany would not have been possible anymore

  • Magnets can destroy money cards

So we would have caused more disadvantages. That's why we decided to keep the existing locking system and optimize it. We have now inserted an additional fleece strip across at the large bags from the »Tagediebin« onwards. This makes the flap hold onto the bag even better at the standard position. In addition, this also results in a longer durability of the fleece.
The noise remains. Many love it because of the theft protection. And if it's too loud for you, you can ask for simple fleece strips for the flaps that cover the hooks and the counterpart for the bag base or try our »Leisetreter«. Small magnet buttons on each part (oh, there it is! It's your choice) are there to close your bag. And by the way, by using the »Leisetreter« you extend the life of the fleece on the bag base even further. Ask us about it.

If your fleece no longer holds, you can have your bag repaired for 19 € by the way. Or you simply buy a new body.


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  • Mit Knopf geholfen

    Ich habe an meine alte Tausche-Tasche einen großen schwarzen Knopf unten in der Mitte am Taschenkorpus mit einem starken Faden angenäht und dann bei jedem Deckel einen dünnen Gummifaden in Schlaufenform angebracht, sodass ich damit die Tasche sicher verschließen konnte. Wenn die Klettverschlüsse bei meiner neuen Taschendiebin wieder schwach werden, werde ich das wieder so machen. Ist auch sicherer gegen Taschendiebe.

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